Policy and Procedures

RIMS 2007 Western Regional Policies and Procedures

Upon registering, RIMS will verify your membership status to ensure that the correct registration fee is charged, regardless of the category you have selected.

Deadline Dates for Registration:
Before August 17, 2007 – Early Bird Rate
September 21, 2007 – Regular Rate

October 2, 2007 – On-site Rate

Registrations received after September 21, 2007 will be processed subject to on-site fees.

Payment Instructions:
Registrations completed online with credit card payment are processed immediately. Registrations completed online choosing check or bank transfer payments will not be processed until payment is received.

Check payments via regular mail must be sent to: Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc., P.O. Box 95000-2345, Philadelphia, PA 19195-2345.

Check payments via express or overnight mail must be sent to: Image Remit, 2056 North Center Drive, North Brunswick, NJ 08902, Attn: P.O. Box 95000-2345.

Submissions by mail will be processed within 10-15 business days. Payments that are not received and/or post marked by the respective cut-off date will be subject to additional fees.

Bank Transfers are payable only in U. S. dollars drawn from a U. S. bank. Transferred funds must be sent to:

Commerce Bank

469 Seventh Avenue

New York, NY 10018

Account name: RIMS Operating Account

Account number: 7920319089

ABA number: 026013673

Registrant is responsible for all bank charges, including a $30 RIMS processing fee, which must be added to the total amount transferred. The bank order must include the registrant name(s) and company. Please enclose a copy of your bank order with your registration materials. RIMS Federal Tax ID# 13-1860397.

RIMS Registration Categories

Corporate Member*

Available to any corporation provided that the individual representatives, known as "Deputy members", are salaried employees of the organization requesting membership and solely provide the internal corporate risk management function for the benefit of the member company. Membership includes 2 deputies to receive full benefits. Additional deputies can be added for a nominal fee.

Associate of the Society*

Any individual who can confirm their commitment to uphold and further the risk management discipline, and who is NOT eligible for Deputy membership. This membership is available to the vendor or service provider - i.e. - broker, lawyer, consultant, account executive, sales, outsourced risk manager, etc., who works with clients of their employer.

Retired Member*

Available to the Deputy member or Associate of the Society who was previously employed in Risk Management prior to full retirement, and not eligible for any other class of membership.

Educational Member*

Any Individual who is a faculty member at a college/university, and teaches risk management, insurance, benefits or related studies, or chairs a department that offers risk management, insurance, benefits or related studies, as their primary focus.

Affiliate Member*

Available to any current Deputy member upon separation from their current place of employment. Affiliate Membership is renewable once, or a maximum of 2 years from the date of separation. Membership terminates upon acceptance of employment.

Student Member*

A Student Membership may be granted to a full-time student, as defined by that college or university. The student’s major must be in risk management, insurance or business, finance or management with an emphasis in risk management and/or insurance provided such individual is not otherwise eligible for membership in another class. Student Members should be affiliated with a RIMS Chapter, to the extent possible given the student’s location relative to the Chapter area.

*Members are required to pay Local Chapter dues if applicable.

Cancellations and Changes

Requests for refunds/cancellations, or downgrades must be made by September 14, 2007 and submitted to the Web address below. All requests will be subject to a $75 administrative fee:


Cancellations received after September 14, 2007 will not receive a refund, credit or price adjustment. Requests for refunds made by September 14, 2007 will be issued 60 days following the Conference.

RIMS reserves the right to cancel this conference if conditions warrant. In the event of such a cancellation, registration fees will be refunded. However, RIMS is not responsible for any travel or lodging expenses incurred due to cancellation of the conference. If for any reason you must cancel your conference registration, please remember to cancel your housing arrangements separately. RIMS is not responsible for hotel no-show fees or any travel or lodging expenses.

Requests to substitute or transfer your registration by September 14, 2007 must be made through the following Web site: www.RIMS.org/ConferenceChanges

Requests to substitute or transfer your registration after September 14, 2007 must be made in writing on corporate stationary and be presented at the on-site attendee help desk.

All substitutions are subject to a $75 administrative fee, plus any additional fees due to differences in the member type, e.g., transferring a member registration to a non-member registration.

Due to meeting room space restrictions, RIMS requests you to register in advance for the specific sessions, lunches and events you wish to attend. Although sessions are on a first come, first-served basis, completing the session registration information will allow RIMS to assign each session to a room of the appropriate size for that group. You will be given an opportunity to select sessions when you receive your e-mail registration confirmation.

Only individuals registered and badged may attend conference events. Guests of registrants must register to attend conference sessions and luncheons.

Hotel Reservations
Guest can now book their guest room reservation at anytime from anywhere, as long as the reservations are done before the group booking release date, September 3, 2007.

To book on-line:

Booking Code for the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc.: CPS-GFC1412

  1. Open your computer browser to: www.coasthotels.com/hotels/canada/bc/vancouver/coast_plaza/overview.html

  2. Go to Reservations

  3. Place the province, hotel name, check-in date, number of nights and the booking code, as indicated above and press enter. The special rates for the meeting will appear (you may have to scroll down).

  4. Follow the prompts as indicated, and upon completion, a confirmation number will be given.

Should a guest wish to make reservations after the group booking cutoff date, the guest will have to call the hotel reservation’s department directly at 604-688-7711 to reserve a room. This will be done on a room availability basis.